ASICS Tiger Chameleoid Mesh
Social media product video

Client: ASICS/Red5
work time: 18 days

SOLO supported the launch of the brandnew ASICS Tiger | Chameleoid Mesh by showcasing the special feature of color shifting in a short but expressive product video. This sneaker was modelled from scratch to minimum detail, the colour shifting fabric was simulated to obtain the amazing „lenticular“ live effect.
For the modelling of the sneaker geometry we used projection techniques whereby all the parts were modelled like layered flat patches. Afterwards we projected these on the previously sculpted base volume mesh. This approach gave us maximum control and precision in the overall shape.

CGI Previews

CG Shoe wireframe

CG Shoe occlusion view

Real Shoe reference

CG Shoe

CG Shoe occlusion view 02

Shoe fabric reference

CG Shoe wireframe

CG Shoe occlusion close up wip